Engraving Information

Custom engraving: Where to start? Metal engraving is as old as history, from modest functional engraving to works of art made for kings.
While different styles have been incorporated though out, the basic design rules of layout, form, balance, focal point, creativity and contrast are used to make a unique works of art.
The two galleries below represent what Mark Hoechst has done in the past, but does not limit what the future may hold. The Custom Engraving gallery shows various types and styles, from traditional restoration styles to adaptive work of the old masters, to modern art forms.
Note: Because he appreciates the Bank Note Style engraving of the old dollar bills, he reused some from his previous web site.
There are two galleries each in the Engraving and Graphic menus. Thank you for looking at the web site.

Specialized Engraving

Over the years Mark has developed other skills that compliment his engraving. To provide a complete product, he can do the polishing, bluing and gun-metal coloring.
He has found that Slow Rust Bluing gives the best finish and provides the best underlayment for a good gun-metal color. Electroplating on a small scale is also used.
Metal checkering, grip making and carving using wood, ivory, water buffalo horn and the newer materials can be done.
Lettering, monograms and logos are all possible.