Engraving price guide lines:

To determine the final cost involves many items. The basic version is thus: determine the type and amount of scroll, amount of animals, logos, lettering, if inlays are used, price of precious metals used, pre-polishing, new or refinished grips or stock, gunsmithing needed and refinishing . Use the following information as a starting point when contacting for my services.

Type of Scroll:
From the least to the greatest in time and expense:
Line scroll with no back ground work, Flair cut, line cut with minimum shading, deep cuts with full shading, back ground matted or punched inside the scrolls, and back ground extended to the outside borders.
Then we can add, lowering the back ground to make the scrolls in high relief, and lastly, 3D sculpturing of some or all the scroll.

A gun metal finish can be selectively applied to the scroll to make contrast from the back ground. A combination of different types of scrolls and decorative motifs makes for interesting and a unique engraved project.

Style of Scroll:
On the photos in the galleries, the Style of the scroll is noted. I can reproduce most styles, from old factory styles for a restoration project to modern Op-Art designs. All substantial work is signed; a simple lettering project would normally not be signed. My study of the old masters, have allowed me to develop my own styles to use in an appropriate period style engraving.

Animal, game scenes and lettering:
The same “Type of Scroll” techniques apply to the treatment of animals, game scenes, logos and lettering.

Gold, silver, copper, brass, steel and more can be used. Wire for borders, flush or raised, inlays for animals, logos and lettering can be flush and shaded or 3D raised above the surface.

Most work will need pre-polishing; some may need annealing and then re-hardening after engraving, and re-bluing if steel. Solid brass or stainless steel is easily finished with no added cost. I do some gunsmithing to expedite the process of a properly finished firearm. The time honored process of slow rust blue is done in my shop. I have found that slow rust blue gives the best finish to compliment the engraving. Also, it gives the best gun-metal gray color when used to selectively high light scrolls or the animal and scenes.

Getting Started, Payment and scheduling:

Contact me by email or phone. We will discuss the above information as it applies to your project. Amount of coverage, inlays, finishing and amount you plan to spend. With that information I will provide a quick sketch and a basic quote for the engraving and another for the refinishing.

When the project is agreed upon, a 20% deposit is required with the shipment of the project. Then the enjoyable work begins, with the actual metal to design for: concept designs including; types ans styles of scrolls, individual reference photos, family background, hunting events, logos, and lettering. Also when the metal is in hand, then an accurate cost of any polishing and refinishing will be made. A detailed drawing then will be made and summited for your approval and changed if needed. I have found that this process gives the most satisfaction for the customer as you will be involved in the final outcome.

The 20% will put your project in the schedule, along with a complete quote for the engraving and my refinishing.
For a small job which gives a break from longer projects; a month completion time is possible. Larger projects can take from six to twelve months.
Outside work for example “color case hardening” will be discussed and plans made to accommodate.
For older worn out restorations, re-barreling, relining, etc., items will be noted and outside gunsmithing will be discussed. If re-stocking or repair is intended, it is best to have that done before hand with the gunsmith of your choice.

When the actual cutting is started, 40% will then be required. Photo updates on the progress will be sent.

When finished, the return shipping will be done after the remaining 40% is paid. As I do my own photography, files of photos of the completed work will be included, though email or CDs at no addition cost.